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Jim & Darleene Madison moved to Sandy, Utah from Irvine, California in 2010 with the full intention of opening another successful Rainbow office.

Back in 2000, they opened an office in Irvine, California, just across the street from John Wayne International Airport. During the next 10 years, they opened 5 offices in Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Bernardino County, and Riverside County. After selling record numbers in Orange County, Rexair gave them Orange County as their exclusive territory, while sharing the other counties with other Rainbow distributors (RGD’s). This “exclusive assignment” was unprecedented in the history of Rainbow/Rexair.

The Regional Sales Director at the time was Utah’s very own Mr. Clay Wilson and the Madisons were the first office that he directly promoted to Regional General Distributor [RGD] during his long and illustrious career (as a Supervisor or Director) with Rexair and is currently working with Rainbow international, traveling extensively. Mr. Wilson was responsible for opening up Utah with record sales of over 300 a month in Utah, going back to 1985, prior to being promoted to Regional Sales Director for Rexair in the United States and Canada.

The Madisons opened, developed and maintained (Irvine Office) one, of the largest Rainbow Main Offices in the United States and Canada, holding the trophy for having the largest Main Office in the United States and Canada for five years running, prior to retiring to Utah in 2010.

With over 45 months of 100+ sales under one roof, the Madisons have the knowledge and ability to lead this office to new heights. Join their TEAM and become a Team Leader within 3 months! Become a manager within 6 months! Their NEW 2018 Career Program has made three(3) Millionaire sub-distributors and you will want to get in on the action! It’s all about helping others achieve their goals; when you help enough others reach for their dreams, you become successful as a result of that dedication and commitment to others’ dreams’ fulfillment. It’s a symbiotic relationship… it’s a Win+Win! And we teach you how!

The old (Total Program) has washed away and the NEW Career Program is creating the largest offices ever, in the history of 80+ years of Rainbow! The leading office running this program has already created its first Millionaire sub-distributor and 5 more on the way, with over 2000 sales a month out of one RGD-ship. The flagship office started its program in 2013 after learning the Career Program behind closed doors at the home of Momir Popovich, in Switzerland (Mr. Popovich was promoted to President of Rexair in 2014). The flagship office went from 72 sales a month to 231 almost overnight. After drilling down into this new TEAM BUILDING program for a couple of years, they started to really grow in 2015 and 3 years later are at 2000 sales a month, with consistent growth. The Madisons are now under their tutelage and over the last 10 months have been learning the intricacies of the Career Program! So what does all this mean? It means, “Come Join the Fun!”

The Career Program is genius. We have a game plan for creating Multi-Millionaires! Our inside office is selling over 100 a month now and our organization is rapidly growing. We are developing business owners and are expanding into all of Utah. If you’re looking for an opportunity, sign up for a demo and come on in to our Open House! If you are a fit for us and our culture, we’ll make it a win-win and show you how to make over $100,000 a year. We’ll show you how to build a net worth of as many million dollars as you can dream of! All it takes is a desire and a willingness to learn. “The mind is like a parachute, it only works when it’s open!” So, come on in with an open mind and we look forward to meeting with you, in both a group setting and one on one!

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This may just be the “one thing” you’ve been searching for!

Come and “Check Us Out!”
The only investment is your time! In other words, IT’S FREE to get involved!

A very nice evening designed to answer all of your questions. If you are a stay at home mom/dad simply looking to make a little extra money working a few nights/weekends this is the place for you.

The only investment to get started in Rainbow is your time. Getting started is a breeze! You set your schedule; not us!  

Plus, we have a way you can make $1600 in your first two-three weeks!
This is pretty awesome!
Remember the first time you saw the Rainbow and you were amazed by the machine? Well, if you thought that was good, the part and full time program is even more astonishing!

Open House is held at on Monday nights at 7pm, every week. Check with your recruiter for details, if you have one. By the way, we are now part of an organization that sells more Rainbows than any of the 500+ offices in North America, so your getting hooked up with a pretty amazing team. A BIG PLUS!

Just come and spend an hour with us! Line up a baby sitter, bring your spouse for extra opportunities for a prize, and always pack your pen and notepad! Hey, did I mention to bring a fantastic attitude and a smiling face?  You are going to be surrounded by extremely happy and positive people! A nice change compared to some jobs.

People who love their career, make great money, and have more time to spend with their loved ones are; well, just naturally happier! A lack of money causes stress and most Rainbow people don’t have THAT stress!

We look forward to seeing you there, and this may very well be one of those things you look back on as a “pivotal moment” in your life. Life is a journey, take your first step in the RIGHT direction today.

Your Rainbow Team!

Call us for info/time/date: 801-785-7858
Mon-Thurs 1pm-7pm, Fridays 9am-5pm