Utah RainbowUtah Rainbow

The original.
The one.
The only.

Built to last 75+ years, you can rest assured that your investment is made well. The processes and materials used to make the rainbow available for you and your family are green and of the highest standards and quality, making the rainbow the only air cleaner on the market that you can trust, when it comes to the environment and your family's health!

When it comes to the air that we breathe, there's no substitute for quality, water washed air!

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The Hurricane Motor.
a Force of Nature

The Hurricane Motor is the latest technological breakthrough from Rexair. It is truly a force of nature with three fan clusters spinning at 400 rotations per second, the force is a whopping 100CFM! [Cubic Feet of Air moving through the rainbow per Minute] And that moves a lot of dirt, dust and debris from your home! Rainbow is clearly the leader in CLEAN.

90% of the dust in our homes is NOT in the air. It is constantly settling... on everything! The Rainbow's powerful, consistant airflow gives you usability to remove this stuff at it's source and trap it inside the World's ONLY Water-based Certified Air Cleaner! What comes out the BACK is WaterWashed, Fresh, Clean Air! It's "Nature's Result" and it's simple!

Create your own "Clean", today!

Wet Dust Can't Fly®
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  • Dry Dirt Road

    Remember the last time you drove down a dirt road on a sunny day?

  • Dry Dust Clouds

    If you looked behind you, there was a cloud of dust billowing up into the air.

  • Wet Dust is Trapped

    After it rains, no dust is in the air. Wet dust can't fly!

  • Water Traps Everything

    In the Rainbow, the dust and debris from the home is trapped in the rainstorm, created inside the basin.

  • Water is the Solution!

    When using the Rainbow for dry extraction, all the dirt and debris is trapped in the Cat 3 Rainstorm, created inside the water basin by the Hurricane Motor.

Twice as Clean!
When you are using the Rainbow to clean your home, you're pulling the air that you and your family is breathing into a Certified Air Cleaner, scrubbing it clean and distributing water washed air back into your home! The air that you're pulling into the Rainbow is what effectively cleans the surfaces that you're using your attachments on! That's Twice as Clean! Besides, 90% of the problem is on all your surfaces, so when the Rainbow is used properly it's really more like 3x as clean… or more.
Force of Nature
The Hurricane Motor is literally a Force of Nature! The engineers at Rexair have done the calculations and it's between a Category 3 and a Category 4 Hurricane… If you're watching the news, the latest Hurricane Florence reached Category 4 with 130MPH winds! The Rainbow starts out at 120MPH winds INCREASING to a whopping 132MPH winds inside the basin. The debris and allergens pulled into the basin are swept away and trapped and drenched in this storm created inside the Rainbow!
Power and Control
The Rainbow is ergonomically designed to give you the ultimate control, relieving hand, wrist, elbow and back from the normal pressures of using an upright. Dry weight is 14 lbs, which is lighter than most air cleaners and many other products used in the home, like "vacuum polluters".
Quick Connect
The wands are made to quickly connect and disconnect easily! You should book a demo!
Travel Lightly
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  • Nimble & Quick

    The Dolly is a well thought out maneuvering masterpiece, with 5 wheels for multi-level, multi-directional travel. Equipped with rubberized wheels for proper treading on sacred ground in your own home. The lightweight PowerNozzle also has ruberized wheels and a slick swivel head for maneuverablitiy.

LED Headlights
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  • Bright Lights

    Super bright LED headlights illuminate your path: under and behind furniture in low-lighted areas, ensuring you'll never miss a spot or accidentally run over toys again.

  • Bright and Small

    Finally! Spot the little things that were forever missed because of low lighting decor.

    Pet hair and dander, a lost earring, food crumbs and a small stain that you can now get out with your Rainbow before guests arrive.

    You can clean that stain up with water in most cases. And this time, you can extract it with the professional power of your Rainbow, removing it forever instead of smearing (or blotting) it back into the fabric with a soft cloth, like those other people do that don't own a Rainbow.

  • The Mate to the Rainbow

    It was a match made in heaven. This little guy really makes it fun to clean furniture! There's something about "seeing the clean" that inspires people to do more, in less time. Who knew?

    RainbowMate® with the NEW LightBar

Create Your Clean
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  • Multiple Surface Tool

    The Rainbow Power Nozzle does a fabulous job cleaning carpeting, tile, wood floors and other hard surface flooring. Two (patent-pending) front edge rotating brushes, just like a street sweeper! Dirt, pet hair and crumbs vanish with the PowerNozzle's powerful revolving brush and superior airflow.

  • High Tech & Practical

    Circulating "Active-Edge" brushes extend for tough-to-reach debris along baseboards. A rubberized (neutral color) bumper protects your walls and furniture against marks and damage from negligent driving.


The Rainbow Complete Home Cleaning System has been independently tested and certified by the following organizations:

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The Rainbow® Cleaning System provides certified air cleaning to your home environment. The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) certifies that the Rainbow is a proven air cleaner designed to reduce air pollutants that contribute to poor indoor air quality. In fact, the Rainbow is the only certified air cleaner in the world that uses water as a filter.
AHAM Certified
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The Rainbow® Cleaning System has been evaluated by an independent testing laboratory and has met carpet industry standards for all three elements:
  • Soil removal
  • Dust containment
  • Carpet appearance
Powerful revolving brushes lift and groom every fiber of your carpet on a cushion of air, leaving it looking like new. The Rainbow exceeds expectations cleaning your carpeting without harming it!
Carpet and Rug Institute Certified
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Everyone in your family, including those with asthma and allergies, will appreciate the Rainbow® Cleaning System. Independent laboratory testing has scientifically proven:
  • The Rainbow removes a significant amount of allergen from carpeting.
  • The allergen that is removed cannot escape. It stays in the water basin.
  • The Rainbow does not experience a reduction in allergen pick-up in a partially filled water basin.
  • The Rainbow user is not excessively exposed to allergen while emptying the water basin.
Certified Asthma & Allergy Friendly™
Because the Rainbow pulls toxic dust, toxic gases and toxic debris from our homes through a Category 3 Rainstorm, literally nothing escapes! There aren't any holes for our toxic indoor air pollution to get through, so we no longer have to suffer from the symptoms of toxic indoor air quality! Hello, Utah! We have found the solution!
Utah Rainbow

Buyer Beware:


While Rexair sympathizes with customers who have been taken advantage of by unauthorized or internet sellers, Rexair stands behind its Authorized Distributors and can only offer assistance to customers who have purchased through authorized channels.