My Chihuahua had allergies really bad, I noticed she was trying to breathe through her nose and was having some trouble and when I looked at her I noticed her sinus was swollen and I also noticed she would lick and scratch a lot. Later on, I noticed even more symptoms due to her constant licking she developed really bad sores under her armpits and under her collar area. So I took her to the vet and when they looked at her they told me she had allergies due to dust in the air. They then had put her on allergy meds and lotions for her sores. I racked up a vet bill of $185.00 just from that one vet visit due to allergies. I was shown the rainbow air cleaner sometime later, my husband and I were short on money and we put forth our efforts and purchased the air cleaner and within One week My Chihuahua was off her meds, stopped licking so much, and stopped scratching so much and her sores were doing much better. After 3 weeks she became more playful and had no sores and no allergy flair-ups. The air cleaner has truly made all the difference. So if you have pets or if you have allergies I would give the air cleaner an opportunity to help you.