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loves the rainbow, pets, cat, recommends, breathe easy, lungs, smoke, ash, clean air
Service is Amazing!
Prompt service on 2 rainbows! Rainbow cleared breathing difficulty when fires brought smoke. Kitties; doesn't stir up allergies!
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    "This company is amazing, my sister and I both bought our rainbow vacuums a few years ago and brought them in for their yearly maintenance today and i recieved a call that our rainbows have already been finished; I really appreciate how prompt they got us taken care of. I've been really impressed with their customer service and warranty. Our rainbow has definitely changed the way we view dust. During some big fires in Utah there was so much smoke in the air that I was having a difficult time breathing, I soon discovered that running my vacuum on high for a few minutes cleared up my difficulties breathing. We also own 3 kitties which shed a lot, the rainbow itself not only cleans cat hair off really well but doesnt flare up allergies during the process."
    Ruby Covington ~ November 7, 2019
loves the rainbow, recommends, clean air, dusting, clean, happy, feels cleaner
I Love my Rainbow!
What is it like to own a Rainbow?
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    "I love my rainbow machine, my house feels really clean!!"
    Cathy Gomez ~ October 17, 2019
loves the rainbow, recommends, clean air, clean, happy, feels cleaner,respiratory sickness, children, baby, daughter, allergies, breathe easy, sleep better, sinus infection
We Couldn't be Happier!
"2 things" you have to read!
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    "We couldn't be happier with our Rainbow vacuum. Two main things stand out to us the most:

    1st, what this thing picks up off our floors is both astonishing and disgusting. We have always thought ourselves to be clean people, but we quickly realized how much gunk was getting left in our home.

    2nd, our 10 month old has had respiratory issues on and off since she was born. She had been going through a tough bout for several weeks, but after only 2 nights with the Rainbow in her room, her nose has cleared up. She is sleeping better and doesn't have to be suctioned every morning. In fact, it's been over 2 weeks now, and we haven't had to clear out her nose 1 time.

    We are very grateful for this machine and tell everyone we can about it because we are such believers in the system."
    Spencer Richards ~ October 14, 2019
loves the rainbow, recommends, clean, amazed, dust, breathe easy, allergies, feels cleaner, smells clean
So Happy with Purchase!
House feels so much cleaner!
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    "We purchased our rainbow a couple of months ago and I am so happy we did! I cannot believe how much cleaner my entire house feels. I live by huge open fields so there is so much dust because of the machinery that is constantly going by my house. My allergies were always horrible and I couldn't keep the dust cleaned up.

    Since we purchased our rainbow my allergies do not keep me up all night and I can actually keep my house clean!! I have the air purifier running all the time and I can breathe! My house no longer smells like dirt!!!

    I'm very pleased with this investment not only for really clean carpets but for clean air for my family!"
    Carol Stallings ~ July 14, 2019
loves the rainbow, recommends, clean, amazed, always wanted one!
Wanted a Rainbow for so Long!
Recommend it!
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    "I’ve been wanting a Rainbow for so long and I finally just bought one! Why did I not do this sooner?!

    Seriously such an amazing product! I will never use anything else! Not only does it pick up all the crud from my carpet, it has so many cool attachments that I will never have to buy another cleaning tool! If you’re questioning buying one, just do it, you will not regret it!"
    Morganne Gruber ~ July 14, 2019
loves the rainbow, recommends, clean, amazed, clean air, breathe easy, allergies, dryer vent
Great Experience!
Less allergies!
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    "I have had a great experience with my rainbow. I LOVE all the different things the Rainbow can be used for.

    I cleaned my dryer vent and it was unbelievably quick and easy!

    I have dusted and “swept” with it and love it.

    We have had less allergies when we are in our house.

    I teach online and when I am teaching I usually sneeze a lot but after running the rainbow for a while in my office I don’t sneeze near as much. Yay!

    It was a bit pricey but we have enjoyed it so far so we are hoping the price pays off."
    Becky Staples ~ July 12, 2019
loves the rainbow, recommends, clean, amazed
Love it!
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    "My demo was amazing! I love the difference my rainbow has made!"
    Kimberli Webster ~ July 10, 2019
loves the rainbow, recommends, clean, amazed
I was Sold! Grew up with...
As soon as it was pulled out of box... Memories! Yes!
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    "Yeah, I wasn't going to buy. I just wanted the free stuff. However, as soon as I saw it was a Rainbow, memories came flashing back through my mind. My mom had one of these when I was a teenager! I knew what these could do. I was sold as soon as I saw "Rainbow". Of course, I sat through the demo so they could show me how horrible my carpet really is (and my pillow), but I truly was sold with just the name. It speaks for itself! Now to get my house clean!"
    Mike&Jen Eggleston ~ July 9, 2019
loves the rainbow, children, recommends, respiratory sickness, son, breathe easy, root of the problem, lungs
Respiratory issues solved!
2 year old son has battled with breathing issues since he was born... in less than 2 wks, problem solved!
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    "My 2 year old son has battled with breathing issues since he was born but especially in the last 8 months. He's had multiple prescriptions for antibiotics and different types of breathing treatments. We've also tried several homeopathic remedies. They helped with some of the symptoms but he still had a raspy voice. In less than 2 weeks of using the Rainbow, his voice is back to normal and he is sleeping better and he's happier overall. Our whole family suffers from seasonal allergies and they have been much more mild since using the Rainbow. We have loved our experience with the Rainbow so far!"
    Angela Searle ~ July 8, 2019
loves the rainbow, daughter, recommends
Knew I wanted a Rainbow!
Then her daughter bought one!
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    "I knew I wanted a Rainbow when my daughter got one and I saw what it could do. But to get it into my own home, it saved me more time than I realized! I absolutely LOVE it and would recommend it to anyone I know."
    Tanya Anderson ~ July 7, 2019
loves the rainbow, feels cleaner, safety, children, baby
Thought floors were clean!
Feels good that her baby can crawl and play on floors safely now!
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    "I thought my floors were clean and then I was shown what the rainbow can do. So much more than my previous cleaner. Now I can feel good about my baby crawling and playing on our floors."
    Kayla Owens ~ July 7, 2019
loves the rainbow, feels cleaner, breathe easy
House feels and looks cleaner!
Breathing easier since using their new Rainbow!
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    "Our whole house feels and looks cleaner and we can breathe easier since we have been using our new Rainbow. We're very happy with our purchase!"
    Lori Smith ~ July 6, 2019
loves the rainbow, dog, pets
Excited to see the results!
Their vacuum couldn't get dog fur... Rainbow to the rescue!
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    "We just got our Rainbow and we're excited to see it change our home. Our vacuum wasn't even able to get our dog's fur! This will be such a difference!"
    Giani Taylor & McKenzie Holden ~ July 6, 2019
loves the rainbow, children, feels cleaner
Kids love to clean!
Children love it! Home has never been so clean!
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    "It may sound crazy but my kids love to clean the house all of a sudden! Since we got our rainbow our house has never been so clean, and our kids have done all the work!"
    Giani Family ~ July 4, 2019
loves the rainbow, deep clean, children, feels cleaner
Rainbow is Great!
Children love it! Home feels fresher!
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    "The Rainbow is great! It refreshed our shabby carpets and made them look like new again. It is so easy to use. Even our young children love to use it! There are attachments for everything! Our prior vacuums could not get the job done like the Rainbow. We also love to keep it running at all times to clean our air. Our home feels fresher. So glad to have found this product."
    David J Irizarry ~ July 4, 2019
loves the rainbow, deep clean
Love it!
Just bought carpet a month ago… shocked!
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    "We just got brand new carpet a month ago. The first time I used my new rainbow it was filled with dirt. I was shocked at how well this thing cleans. I love it!"
    Danielle Torres ~ July 10, 2019
loves the rainbow, safety, feels cleaner
We love our rainbow!
The home should be a safe-haven for our children. We are a part of the solution.
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    "We love our rainbow! Cleaned the whole house after we got it and cannot believe how much it picked up. Our home feels cleaner and safer for our kids! Thanks Utah rainbow!"
    Codi & Landon Lindberg ~ July 4, 2019
loves the rainbow, feels cleaner, children, immune system, safety
Security Owning Rainbow!
There are just some things that we're expected to do… taking care of our family is high on that list. For this mom of two little ones, owning the Rainbow is doing just that.
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    "We have two little ones, which means lots of messes and weaker immune systems. It’s nice knowing that our rainbow is helping to keep our family healthy and is able to clean up all sorts of spills and messes!"
    Katie ~ July 3, 2019
loves the rainbow, feels cleaner, pets, cat, recommends, less meds, allergies, loves how carpets feel
I Love my rainbow machine!
Excitement is contageous and the rainbow is excited to get our homes clean! Sign-up today and see and smell the difference!
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    "What a difference, day one of using my new rainbow and I already feel the difference in my carpets and the quality of the air in my home. I even went a step further and cleaned out a closet that I was really dreading because it was very dusty. When the job was done I had no need to take that Benadryl I would have had to take. I live in a home with 3 cats that I am allergic to but love. This Rainbow will make it possible for me to breath better with them."
    Amy Crawley ~ July 2, 2019
loves the rainbow, feels cleaner, recommends, dusting
I Love my rainbow machine!
Excitement is contageous and the rainbow is excited to get our homes clean! Sign-up today and see and smell the difference!
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    "I can’t say enough about how much I love my rainbow machine!! I actually love to clean now! Whether it’s just turning on my rainbow to clean the air in a couple rooms or using the power nozzle to clean the carpets my house feels so clean and I totally notice a difference in the air quality! It feels and smells so clean! I used it to dust last week and Before that I never wanted to dust just because it was such a pain... with the rainbow it’s so simple to use!"
    Lindsey Wright ~ July 1, 2019
loves the rainbow, feels cleaner, pets, dog, recommends, worth every penny
This customer is SERIOUSLY SATISFIED!!!
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    "As an owner with FOUR DOGS, we have a LOT of allergens in my house. I was so excited to get the rainbow and start source control on my house! I “vacuumed” and rainbow-Ed every room in my whole house and filled a gallon jug with dirt, dust, and trash! (I was curious just how much dirt I was missing with my usual cleaning routine) All of which went into the trash instead of back into the air! I feel like my cleaning is finally starting to stick and be worth my time! LOVE. THIS. MACHINE. It is no doubt worth EVERY penny!!"
    Lisa Jordan ~ July 1, 2019
loves the rainbow, clean air, smells clean, new home smell, allergies, asthmatic
Never heard of Rainbow!
Seriously AMAZED by the amount of sand and dirt the Rainbow extracted…
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    "We had never heard of the Rainbow until I saw the demo in my home. I was seriously AMAZED by the amount of sand and dirt it was able to extract from my carpets! I love all of the easy to use accessories the Rainbow comes with. It got all of my blinds so clean they look brand new! Also our allergies and asthma are noticeably better! We are excited to experience all of the future benefits the Rainbow offers!"
    Michelle Farnsworth ~ June 29, 2019
loves the rainbow, clean air, smells clean, new home smell
Loves fresh new home smell!
This is common sense! We watch what we eat, we excercise… what about our lungs?!
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    "Love the fresh new home smell I now have! We spend so much time on what we eat and how much we exercise it makes sense to pay attention to what we breathe."
    April Young ~ June 29, 2019
loves the rainbow, clean air, breathe easy, sneezing, itchy eyes, allergies, pollen
3 kids and 3 dogs…
This family got rid of the sniffles in 2 days! Thank you Rainbow!
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    "We've got 3 kids and 3 dogs, 2 days into having our rainbow my woman can smell things again, all the sniffles in the house are getting better! We have found our last vacuum! 😍"
    Peter Case II ~ June 28, 2019
loves the rainbow, clean air, breathe easy, sneezing, itchy eyes, allergies, pollen
Loved Rebecca! It really works!
Clean house… helps with pollen and dust allergies! Way to go Rainbow!
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    "Just loved the associate (Rebecca) who sold the product to me. It does everything I need to get a clean house and more. Glad I made the purchase! Such a tremendous help with my pollen and dust allergies. Way to go Rainbow!"
    Pat Forbes ~ June 27, 2019
loves the rainbow, clean air, breathe easy, husband, sneezing, itchy eyes, allergies
Our home feels so clean!!!
No more sneezing or itchy eyes… husband loves using rainbow!
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    "Our home feels so clean!!! My kids and I haven’t been sneezing and are eyes are not itchy. We love coming home to the clean air and my husband loves cleaning with the rainbow!"
    Ampee Lomu ~ June 26, 2019
loves the rainbow, clean air, smells clean, feels cleaner
Indoor Air Quality is Priority!
House smells cleaner! Fits my needs!
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    "I have had the Rainbow cleaning and purification system for 4 days and I love cleaning with it. I love how my house smells and how much cleaner it seems! I have cared about indoor air quality for years and I’m happy to have finally found something that fits my needs."
    EM White ~ June 25, 2019
loves the rainbow, clean air, breathe easy, smells clean, recommends
I LOVE this machine!!!!
With SEVERE allergies, husband can breathe in their home again, since buying the Rainbow!
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    "We have only owned the Rainbow for few days and I can say I LOVE this machine!!!! I never knew how GROSS my home actually was. My husband has SEVERE allergies and he said these last few days he is actually able to breathe in our home again. And my house now smells fresh!! No Joke. My family thinks I am nuts because I have to show them the container each time I vacuum (Rainbow)! You won't regret this purchase if you love a clean home."
    Lori Montague ~ June 21, 2019
loves the rainbow, clean air, breathe easy, sleep better, worth every penny, recommends
I Absolutely Love My Rainbow!
With allergies, asthma and a dog in the house, the rainbow has given this lady hope again!
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    "I absolutely love my Rainbow!! We have allergies, asthma and a dog in our house. I work from home also! This air cleaner has changed our lives!! When people come over they can’t tell we have a large inside dog. I actually feel like my house is clean and we have been able to breathe easily and sleep much better since purchasing the rainbow! It is still crazy to me at how great it cleans, my floors and air have never been cleaner!! Worth every penny!! Definitely would recommend!!"
    Julia Christensen ~ June 18, 2019
loves the rainbow, clean air, attachments, smells clean, deep clean
I Can't Believe the Difference!
This customer is satisfied with the results she's getting with having the right tools to do the job!
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    "I can't believe the difference in my carpet when I use my Rainbow vacuum. My carpet looks newer and thicker because the suction really cleans and lifts the carpet. It also puts a nice fragrance in the house when I add the scents that came with it. I love the attachments too. I can clean places that I haven't ever cleaned, like my curtains and hard to reach places. This was a great investment. I feel like the house is getting a deeper cleaning each time I use it."
    Janet ~ June 17, 2019
loves the rainbow, amazed, pets, dog
Powerhouse! Awesome! Loving the Rainbow!
This customer is really happy with the results created by their new Rainbow!
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    "This vacuum is a powerhouse!!!! Our experience to date with the vacuum unit has been awesome. It picks up dog hair on the couch in a breeze and picks up debris in a flash on the floor. It even pulls A LOT from every nook and cranny from new carpets in our house and that is saying something. We are absolutely loving the Rainbow."
    Bryce&Alisa Adkins ~ June 15, 2019
loves the rainbow, clean air, central vac, smells clean
I Love My Rainbow!!
This lady agreed to the demo and loves her new rainbow!
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    "I love my Rainbow!! I agreed to the demonstration only to get the air purifier and I’m so glad I did! It’s so easy to use and leaves my house smelling sooooo good, and love all the things it can do. I always wanted Central Vac, but who needs that when I have a Rainbow!!! Best purchase ever!!!"
    Kimi Jones ~ June 12, 2019
loves the rainbow, clean, preemie, dog, pets
Never Felt So Confident About Clean!
Preemie baby, two dogs and a husband in construction and she's never felt so confident by using her new rainbow!
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    "As a mother of a preemie, two dogs, and a wife to a man who works in construction, I have never felt so confident about a clean house! My couch was full of dog hair and I'd spent hours getting out, but the rainbow did it in 10 minutes! it looks brand new!"
    Kendall Pastrana ~ June 12, 2019
loves the rainbow, air quality, clean, clean air, allergies, congestion
Love My New Air Cleaner!
Their son normally has super congested allergies and the rainbow is calming it down, by removing the soure of the problem. Utah'ns are discovering the simple math behind using a rainbow in their home!
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    "Love my new Air Cleaner. My son's allergies are already calming down and we've only had this for a week. Normally he is SUPER congested all the time. It is making such a difference for him. Such a blessing! 😃❤️"
    Kaylene Andrew ~ June 6, 2019
loves the rainbow, air quality, clean, clean air, allergies, safe haven
Our Home is Now a Safe Haven!
This lady is happy with their new rainbow. Her children developed mild allergies, but now the rainbow has relieved more than their allergies!
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    "When we recently moved, 2 of my children developed mild allergies. Nothing major but enough to get me nervous! This machine has made all the difference! Our home has never been more of a haven for our family. It is so reassuring knowing my family is breathing healthy! Thank you, Rainbow!!
    Cristy Jackman ~ June 5, 2019
avoided surgery, deviated septum cleared, loves the rainbow
Breathing Easy is the Result of Clean!
Read this testimony on how the Rainbow helped with a deviated septum!
  • account_circle
    "AMAZING AND BEAUTIFULLY DISTGUSTING! This product in less than a week has pulled more things out of my house via air, hardwood, and carpet than I ever wanted to imagine was there. It has taken my husband from needing surgery from a deviated septum to being able to breath easy. Every person young or old should have the privilege of a RAINBOW CLEAN HOME!!!!"
    Shantae Piccolo ~ Jun 2, 2019
loves the rainbow, air quality, clean, clean air, clean car
No Intention of Buying Anything!
This lady is happy with their new rainbow. Her husband is happy with their new rainbow. 16 year old son is happy with their new rainbow!
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    "I went into the demonstration not intending to buy the Rainbow, but after seeing all that it cleaned just in one area of my home I was sold. My husband has cleaned all of my blinds and floors all week.. I also have a 16 yr old son that was very excited for such a cool cleaner, he can’t wait to clean his car. I have used the purifier everyday and am loving how clean my house feels, just my carpets feel and look so much cleaner... I love my Rainbow!"
    Tammy McKenzie ~ June 1, 2019
loves the rainbow, air quality, clean, clean air, fish smell
Home Smelled Fresh after Cooking Fish!
This lady is happy with the rainbow air cleaner and the air purifier!
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    "Wow!! What a difference having continuous suction and airflow. My husband made fish while I went out with the girls… and I came back to a home that smelled fresh! No leftover fish smell. The air purifier is fabulous. Love love this product."
    Julianne Robinson ~ May 30, 2019
loves the rainbow, air quality, clean, clean air
Home Smells & Feels Clean & Fresh!
This family loves quality of infoor air, after using rainbow exclusively!
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    "Love how clean and fresh my home smells and feels! We have loved the change in air quality since changing from our old upright to the rainbow! Couldn’t be happier!"
    Aubrie ~ May 29, 2019
loves the rainbow, deep clean, clean, clean air, flu, respiratory sickness, root of the problem
Getting to the Root of the Problem!
This family discovered the irrefutable cause of sickness in our homes!
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    "Last winter our five kids took turns coming down with respiratory sicknesses and flu for more than 12 weeks! We also struggle with allergies, so we were delighted to discover this product that gets to the root of the problem - our household dust in the carpets and air. Two weeks later, and we're still pulling up all sorts of sand, grit, hair, and other unidentifiable detritus. So happy to be cleaning more deeply than we've been able to before!"
    Aaron Shields ~ May 28, 2019
loves the rainbow, deep clean, clean, clean air
House Feels Like Brand New!
Just overnight, the air is sooooo clean!
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    "I bought my rainbow last night and it’s 9am my house feels like a brand new house. The air is sooooo clean! I love my rainbow!"
    Cindy Gold ~ May 21, 2019
loves the rainbow, deep clean, clean, dustmites, pillows
House has never been more clean!
They thought they'd deep cleaned! Now, they really can!
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    "My house has never been more clean! I thought we cleaned very well but after getting the rainbow I realized we were only surface cleaning even when we deep cleaned. But the biggest thing is using it to get the dust mites out of the pillows. I can't believe I put my head on pillows that dirty! Very happy owners!"
    Michael&Carmen ~ May 19, 2019
wasn't purchasing, loves the rainbow, air quality, safety, clean air
Pleased with How Rainbow Cleans!
Read this testimony on how their air quality improved just in demo!
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    "We weren’t going to purchase, but we were so impressed with the quality of the air just in one room that we felt like we needed it for our safety! We cleaned the whole house the day we got it!"
    Victoria Palombo ~ May 19, 2019
loves the rainbow, children, clean air
Pleased House is So Clean!
Read this testimony on how their home smells with a dog & 4 kids!
  • account_circle
    "I always thought that my house was getting clean until I set a demo up with Haskel just to get my free air purifier. Boy was I WRONG!!! I never knew my house could smell so good with a dog and 4 smelly boys. You need a rainbow now!"
    Brooke Bird ~ May 18, 2019
loves how carpets feel, loves the rainbow
Pleased with how Rainbow works!
Read this testimony on how their home feels and smells!
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    "Kesha came and did our in home demo on the 11th and did a wonderful job. Since then we've been really pleased with how well the Rainbow works and how our home feels and smells. We've basically had the purifier running non stop since she left! We're looking forward to elevating the level of health and cleanliness in our home for years to come. The Rainbow has given us a whole new level of clean!"
    Bradey Christensen ~ May 13, 2019
wasn't purchasing, adjusts to kids, loves the rainbow, children
Mom and Kids Love Cleaning Daily!
Read this testimony on how much family is involved daily!
  • account_circle
    "I have felt a difference in my home. Especially when my kids are taking turns cleaning! Their rooms have been cleaned every day this week!! I love that it adjusts to their size 😁 THANK YOU RAINBOW"
    Heather&Dave Robbins ~ May 12, 2019
wasn't purchasing, loves the rainbow
Appreciate Cleaner Home!
Read this testimony on how impressed at the cleaning ability!
  • account_circle
    "We originally were not going to buy anything, but seeing how much stuff was being picked up from our floors on new carpet was surprising and alarming. We ended up buying the Rainbow and actually used it to clean. Seeing the difference between what our old vacuum had picked up compared to the Rainbow was crazy. Now we can rest easy as we know our house is a lot cleaner!"
    Bryce Adkins ~ May 11, 2019
wasn't purchasing, loves how carpets feel, loves the rainbow
Happiness is owning a Rainbow!
This customer is so impressed and loves her Rainbow!
  • account_circle
    "Loved the demo, was so impressed by the product that although we were not planning on purchasing, it was too good of a product to pass up. My husband had seen a demo many years before when he was in college and was very impressed with the product, but not in a position to purchase. Have been using the machine regularly and love the feel of our carpets and how well it cleans everything. Love it!"
    Lori Bliss ~ May 4, 2019
loves the rainbow
Another Satisfied Customer!
Read this testimony on how she loves Rainbow!
  • account_circle
    "Estoy muy feliz de haber adquirido mi estupendo,mi casa huele a limpio,..he sacado el polvo de mis almohadas..colchones..alfombra. Estoy super asombrada de todo el polvo y basura contaminante a mis pulmones con lo que estaba viviendo Sinceramente sorprendida. Hize una buena inversión.. Lo recomiendo."
    Rosa Ines Coles ~ May 4, 2019
customer service,clean air
More Pleased with Service and Product!
Read this testimony on how customer service being more than pleasing!
  • account_circle
    "We have been more then pleased with the service and product offered. I would recommend this to anyone that likes clean air :)"
    Cameron Poulsen ~ May 2, 2019
loves the rainbow, uses daily
Awesome Product! Used Everyday!
Read this testimony about how the Rainbow is appreciated and used daily!
  • account_circle
    "Awesome product! Works like a charm!! I use it everyday!!! Thank you!!"
    Emily Games ~ April 30, 2019
lungs,central vacuum, purifies, radon gas,happy
Researched Radon gas!
Read this testimony about how the Rainbow is marvelous and got what was left behind by central vac! Happy that Radon gas is trapped in water!
  • account_circle
    "This Rainbow is a marvelous machine. It has removed dirt and debris that has been left by our central vacuum. I like the water system that purifies the air while vacuuming. As a bonus, it can continue purifying all day long. I did some research on radon gas and found it is water soluble. Although, I don’t believe the rainbow was designed to deal with radon. It can’t hurt. Again very happy with my Rainbow."
    Ted Hobart ~ April 30, 2019
lungs, loves the rainbow, dog, pets, clean
Eyes Less Itchy, Not Sneezing
New Rainbow has reduced the triggers in the home and allergies much better! Dog lover loves how Rainbow cleans up!
  • account_circle
    We just got our new Rainbow Vacuum and within a day my Husband and 8 year olds allergies have gotten soo much better! Their eyes are less itchy and they are not sneezing! I love the way it makes my carpet feel we have a large great pyrenees dog and I cant believe the hair and dirt and sand this thing picks up! The frags are amazing! We also received the free air purifier and have used that every night in our kids rooms! I would recommend this vacuum to anyone anytime!
    Teisha Epperson ~ April 29, 2019
lungs,loves the rainbow,breathe easy
Loved the Demo! Surprised!
Read this testimony about how the Rainbow is worth taking a look at, in your home! Educational and informative!
  • account_circle
    "I loved the demo. I was surprised how well it worked. Love it. They did a great job with demo."
    Jill Galloway ~ April 16, 2019
lungs,loves the rainbow,breathe easy
So Excited About My New Rainbow!
Read this testimony about how the Rainbow is making a lasting impression on this customer, her home and her lungs!
  • account_circle
    "I am really excited for my Rainbow that I bought today! No more dust particles in my lungs!! And to double as a vacuum cleaner!! Can't wait to realy clean my house!"
    Malita Bingham ~ April 13, 2019
dog, breeder, pets, clean air, loves the rainbow
Dog Breeders Love How Clean the Air Felt
Read this testimony about how the Rainbow changed the air in this multiple dog home! Dog breeders are constantly looking for a tool that works!
  • account_circle
    "We had our demo by Carla on April 6th, 2019. We had a wonderful time and super knowledgeable staff. We were amazed with how clean the air felt in the house and the smells are incredible. I am a multiple dog home and I cannot wait to use the rainbow cleaner on my carpets! I have never been so excited to clean!! Thank you Utah rainbow!"
    Red Rock Ranch Breeders - Aerika Newman, owner ~ April 6, 2019
clean air, lungs, asthmatic, inhaler, nebulizer, breathe easy, allergies, children, daughter
Customer Loves Nebulizer Free Zone
Read this testimony about how the Rainbow changed the air in this customer's home! Currently in Europe and having breathing difficulty.
  • account_circle
    "You guys, I thought I undderstood how much Rainbow was helping me but I appreciate it even more now. I'm working in Europe this week and my lungs are *really* missing my Rainbow! I hadn't used my inhaler since Octover (when I decided to keep the Rainbow) and I needed it today. Can't wait to breather clean air!"
    Good friend of Kayla Fuller - Stillwater Rainbow, owner ~ April 4, 2019
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Facebook Fan Done with Dyson & Kirby
Read this testimony about how the Rainbow changed her life forever! Owning pets requires the right tools!
  • account_circle
    "We will NEVER get another cleaning system. This rainbow is a BEAST!"
    Dallas Keeney photos & vids fb ~ May 18, 2017
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Fires,son,smoke,ash,breathe easy,power, loves the rainbow, smells clean,Loyalty,daughter,children
Managed the Fires in Southern Utah
Read this testimony about how the Rainbow saved this family's lungs from torture! Running their Rainbow air-cleaner changed their lives!
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    This fall, the city where we live came under threat of a forest fire. I don't think I'll ever forget the day we received the mandatory evacuation notice and the unfamiliar task I was now charged with: deciding what prized possessions I would choose to save from our home of 30 years. The day took on an apocalyptic feel as the sun disappeared behind a wall of smoke and ash adn the air filled with the eerie shriek of the evacuation sirens echoing off the mountains. My son quickly brought the last load out and urged me to get inthe car — but i had already gone back inside. I saw my Rainbow sitting in the corner and I told him to grab it. He quickly shot back "Of all the things to take you want your vacuum cleaner!" Before thinking I responded, "It's not a vacuum cleaner, it's a Rainbow!" As we closed the house door I ordered him to put it in the car… then remembered we should probably load our family pictures too. We soon found ourselves living in our daughter's driveway set up in a trailer. The first night was long and my lungs burned by morning from all the smoke and ash. I quickly resolved that we must move our vagabond house to a city further away. Then it dawned on me — my Rainbow! We plugged it in and as soon as we turned it on the smoke vanished from the air. Within 10 minutes the burning stench was all but gone. It became a saving grace every day and night as we returned from the smoke-filled valley air. The air inside smells great now because of hte Rainbow! Honestly, it was one of the most disgusting things changing the water in the Rainbow for the first time in the trailer — to see how much junk it had taken from the air and saved us from inhaling! Now, as I replace the water I feel like I need to reassure the Rainbow that it truly deserved its place in our car between our family photos and computer — it has saved our lungs! When we were allowed to return to our home for 10 minutes I went staright for the Rainbow scents… my husband had to remind me to not choose the Rainbow over the passports this time. What a difference the Rainbow has made — I can sleep at night, I can breathe and my clothes don't constantly smell of smoke. It's strange to sit in my trailer looking across the way at the burning mountain with smoke and ash filling the air and not smell any of it. It makes me feel spoiled. I would have never imagined needing the Rainbow in a situation like this but it has made it that much more comfortable! I am a happy Rainbow owner — and I still have 28 more years left on the warranty!
    Janet Egbert with photos on fb ( pg/utahrainbow/reviews/) ~ October 10, 2018
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Quality Product & Customer Service
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    Highest quality machine I have ever used. The customer service is unbeatable here as well.
    Brock Ballard ( pg/utahrainbow/reviews/) ~ November 12, 2018
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    Thumbs up! Five Stars!!!
    Elizabeth Green-Sanders ( pg/utahrainbow/reviews/) ~ May 3, 2018
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Loyalty Upgrade Shout-Out
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    So the owner Jim meet with my wife and I, to go over and see the new rainbow. We have had one for over 20 years, after much use and loads of dust and dirt sucked out of our house, we new we wanted another Rainbow vacuum. He gave us a trade on our old one and was fair on the price of our new machine. Thanks Jim for taking the time to show us the new and improved features on the amazing new Rainbow vacuum. Don’t buy online or from someone on E bay or Amazon, they most likely will not use factory parts or they may sell a neglected machine. The warranty will not be covered. Only buy from a authorized dealer such as Jim’s company. Utah Rainbow did a great job and Jim was very professional to deal with. A demo is great way to see how it works or you could go in and see them directly at the store. Thanks you guys! Your the best. Troy and Annalisa Maag
    Troy and Annalisa Maag ( pg/utahrainbow/reviews/) ~ January 9, 2018
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Very Happy
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    Thumbs up! Five Stars!!!
    Monica Bateman ( pg/utahrainbow/reviews/) ~ July 21, 2018
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Very Happy
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    Yes! I've had a Rainbow for 24 years now. I think we paid about Can.$1800, which was a big amount at that time. Two of our kids were asthmatic and I have to say they got less and less sick since we bought our new vacuum. The older one, who's 30 now had no attacks at all since the new vacuum and the younger one had a few minor one and she still does. She also has eczema and it was very mild compared to other children's. But we also ripped all the carpets and put hardwood & laminate on the floor to help with their conditions. All the dust goes in the water and you just dump the water & rinse the canister. We both loved it. The best part was, the kids enjoyed vacuuming the house and we all took very good care of it as it was very expensive. I recommend it.
    "Kinolee99" ( asthma-exchange/groupstory) ~ 2015
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    We bought our Rainbow about a month ago. We are very pleased with it and use it every day in one capasity or another. Our home is cleaner and smells fresher than it ever has.
    Christie Allred ( pg/utahrainbow/reviews/) ~ October 9, 2014
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    Thumbs up! Five Stars!!!
    Gwen Stradling ( pg/utahrainbow/reviews/) ~ March 8, 2014
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    Thumbs up! Five Stars!!!
    Tyler Prestgard ( pg/utahrainbow/reviews/) ~ March 3, 2014
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    Best Vacuum hands down!!!
    Mark Kemp ( pg/utahrainbow/reviews/) ~ February 27, 2014
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Very Pleased
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    I have owned a Rainbow vacuum for 30 yrs. I owned my 1st one for 8 yrs and got 500.00 back for it towards the latest model at the time! I absolutely love them for cleaning the air, pulling dust out of pillows and cushions, it has a carpet shampooed attachment too. I live all the scents that can be purchased and put in the water and makes your house smell so nice! The Eucalyptus is great for asthma. My daughter was asthmatic also at 4 yrs old and I purchased one then. They have great payment plans you can afford too. I swear by the rainbows because my daughters asthma went away after using it. All the dirt goes in the water and no bags to clog up and lose suction. It's high powered suction is awesome and you can also run it while you go shopping opening both sides so it sucks in the air and blows clean air out the other side. You only have to hand screw off the bottom filter thingy and wash in soapy water to keep it clean after a few vacuums, dry it and replace. Also if you have a distributed in your area they are great about working on it if any part wears out cheaply, which barely ever happens. I would say if you have allergies or asthma, you need one of these awesome machines! Heavy duty and lasts and lasts! You will be amazed at how much dirt you pull up!  . Mary
    "Mspeidel" ( asthma-exchange/groupstory) ~ 2012
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Pets Get Allergies & Asthma Too
Read this testimonial about getting Chihuahua off her meds!
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    My Chihuahua had allergies really bad, I noticed she was trying to breath through her nose and was having some trouble and when I looked at her I noticed her sinus was swollen and I also noticed she would lick and scratch a lot.  Later on I noticed even more symptoms due to her constant licking she developed really bad sores under her armpits and under her collar area.  So I took her to the vet and when they looked at her they told me she had allergies due to dust in the air. They then had put her on allergy meds and lotions for her sores.  I racked up a vet bill of $185.00 just from that one vet visit due to allergies.  I was shown the rainbow air cleaner some time later, my husband and I were short on money and we put forth our efforts and purchased the air cleaner and within One week My Chihuahua was off her meds, stopped licking so much and stopped scratching so much and her sores were doing much better.  After 3 weeks she became more playful and no sores and no allergy flair ups.  The air cleaner has truly made all the difference.  So if you have pets or if you have allergies I would give the air cleaner an opportunity to help you. Thank you, Karalee Larsen
    Karalee Headman(email) ~ March 3, 2011
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Allergies Gone
Read this testimony about getting rid of allergies & dusty vacuum!
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    I have terrible allergies and back in 1983 I purchased a Rainbow Vacuum. I have never regretted paying the purchase price. I have had many occasions where I was so glad I had this machine. I still have this machine today and have had it serviced twice in the 27 years that I have owned it. I am severely allergic to dust and ever since I started vacuuming with the Rainbow, my allergies are always relieved after vacuuming. I was shown how to just take off the hose from the base unit and let it run in a room for about 20 minutes. I am not kidding you can watch the dust be drawn into the unit through the sunlight. FYI - I have never sold or advocated for a seller these machines. This is just my honest opinion. Back in 83 the person let me have it for a trial period of a week, they might let you do this also. It wouldn't hurt to ask. Hope this helps. I wish your daughter good health.
    "jjjdaniels" ( asthma-exchange/groupstory) ~ 2010
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Allergies Gone
This customer used to get clogged up using dusty Kirby with HEPA!
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    I too suffer from severe dust allergies and now own a Rainbow vac/ air cleaaner. I love this thing. Before owning it I had a Kirby vac which uses a hepa bag. After every house cleaning with the Kirby I was so plugged up I could barely stand it. I have none of these symptoms after using the Rainbow and it smells nice, not the typical vac stink. The water seems to trap everything and its easy to empty. I guess the proof is in the nose.
    "CT1156" replied to jjjdaniels( asthma-exchange/groupstory) ~ 2010
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Confused by Comments
Read this testimony about getting sick from "dust spreaders"
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    Good Morning, Obviously from most of your comments you have never looked properly at a 'Rainbow Cleaning System'! I am an asthmatic and when ever my mother vacuumed I would have to vacate the house for the day. The dust never really settled down till early hours of the next day. Now after owning a Rainbow System I do the vacuuming and to a degree enjoy it! Rainbow Cleaning Systems do actually work as I am living proof for I have not taken huge amounts of medications since owning the Rainbow and what is more there is a whole lot less dust on furniture in the bargain. Cannot understand why people are locked into buying 'Dust Spreaders' which claim to collect and get rid of dirt from their homes.
    "undefined" replied to a doctor(!) ( asthma-exchange/groupstory) ~ 2010