Vacuums are dusty and dirty.

"Ok, that's true…

All vacuums spew toxic dust & microscopic bacteria.


Spewing this toxic debris into your breathing environment.


Vacuums clog-up.

"Knew that one!"

Vacuums clog-up, then immediately quit picking up.

"Peaking my interest."

Grinding & beating stuff into carpeting and furniture.

"I never thought!"

We were really hoping you weren't "ok" with that.

"I'm NOT!"

Vacuum + Cleaner = Oxymoron.

"They've lied to us!"

Did I mention planned obsolescence?

"No. You didn't."

Big-Store chains study consumers.

"I watch documentaries."

They study your buying habits.

"Yep. Keep going."

You'll buy another vacuum in 2 years.

"I do!"

Sellers of cheap wares LOVE you.

"I keep going back…"

Vacuum are made with cheap plastic.

"That's why they break!"

Cheap stuff isn't good.

"Good stuff isn't cheap!"

Comsumers consume.

"That's NOT good."

Landfills are filling up.

"That's BAD!"

Rainbows solve problems.

"How refreshing!"

You're already paying for a Rainbow.

"It's making sense."

The Rainbow replaces the vacuum.

"Now, I get it."

You can stop this vicious cycle!

"Yes, I'm catching on."

Toxic air causes sickness.


Remove the toxic air. Remove the sickness.

"No more meds?"

Reduced, yes.


Does your child enjoy using inhalers?


Inhalers have steroids in them.


Steroids raise your heart rate.


Steroids stunt your child's growth.

"BB-But our doctor said?!"

He has a mortgage.


Yeah… let's get back to the Solution.


Rainbow removes pollutants that cause symptoms of Asthma.


Remove the pollutants; remove the symptoms.

"You're using math?"

I was hoping it would make sense.

"Supporting Big Pharma is bad math."

You ARE catching on.

"Yep. I'm calling Rainbow!"

Please, tell your friends.

"Ok! Thank you for caring."

That's all we do. 24/7

"Well, thank Heaven."

Go over this again?

"Sure, why not?!"

Vacuums Hidden Secrets


Over the next 18 months, we are launching a massive attack on vacuums! Exposing them for what they do to our family's health... the manufacturing companies knew it all along... profits too alluring. Sound familiar?

information is power

what's that smell?

It's ignored, untl you just can't stand it any longer. Then you buy a new one.

after regular use, Your vacuum will go through a transformation, once put away

Your vacuum cools off. Condesation begins to form in the passageways and chambers lurking deep inside. And in that dark & damp environment, mold spores, germs and viruses will continue to grow and multiply.

If you have 3M filtrette electrostatic liners in your expensive bags, this moisture cancells out their effectiveness by eliminating the electrostatic charge, almost immediately after the first use.

When Rexair entered the home in 1936, bag & filter vacuums became ineffective. That was over 82 years ago. Although you may be late to the party, we're still glad you found us!

Bag & filter vacuums spew dust, clog up, stink and quit working! A couple weeks later, you may change the bag or empty the container in an attempt to regain pickup... and you repeat this over and over. It's even possible that you may change the filter... if somebody bugs you or reminds you.

If your expensive vacuum has a cloth outer bag, how often do you replace it? Right. I know. Never. It just gets to collect all the worst bacteria - the finer particles that get through the super thin hepa bag they sold you... "ok!", I'll stop! Hopefully you're starting to catch on...

Ever watch CSI? "vacuums" that you and your family, neighbors and friends are using, rapidly become petri dishes on wheels. they filter the air (that you're breathing) through filth deep inside the dark, damp heated system... sounds fun, right?

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compost +vacuums »infants

Toxic Chemical Loading our Unborn

Dust, mold and bacteria found in two common housefold items pose a health threat to families.
Outdated vacuums and some over the counter compost are the ideal breeding ground for dangerous and sometimes deadly bacteria, according to a plethora of studies.

Infants found to carry toxins such as PCBs, PFCs at birth. Detectable levels of a large number of environmental chemicas have been found in the cord blood of some newborns, raising concerns that children already carry toxins in their bodies at birth.

Legionella Longbeachae bacteria can be bred in some brands of bagged compost and in some cases may even cause Legionnaires' disease, a form of pneumonia that can lead to hospital admission and death.

The report by Environmental Defence released recently suggests babies are being exposed to chemicals in the womb because pollutants are so pervasive both in the environment and in widely used consumer products.

the rainbow traps everything in water. just toss the toxins outside!

Exposure to Toxic Vacuum Dust in Your Air

Have you watched any documentaries lately on the dust in our homes?

Be Informed

Dust contains toxic debris. "How is this possible?", one might ask.

Well, dust is absorbent and consists of the sum total of all the chemicals, aerosols, mold spores, bacteria, germs, dust mites, their feces and their decomposed and discentigrated bodies… that become a huge part of what we breathe into our lungs on a daily basis. Then, your vacuum picks it up and cooks it inside the plastic chambers, kind of like a hot air popcorn popper. Except it's not funny, is it?

We put our vacuums away and as they cool off, they form condensation inside those chambers. This dark, damp environment is the breeding ground for all the problems mentioned above, to multiply. Doesn't matter whether it's Micron Magic 3M or paper or plastic… it's sick and it's in your home, waiting for you to take the vacuum out and take the air that you breathe and process it through those filthy chambers inside your vacuum, so that it can come back out into the air that you breathe, so that you can breathe it into your lungs again. Second hand vacuum exhaust is more toxic than first hand vacuum exhaust.

Intelligence dictates that you get a brown paper bag right now and breathe into it. Make sure it's not a vacuum bag… just sayin'.

Some people have reactions to this toxic air inside our homes and at their work, faster than others. But don't think you're immune to this stuff.

It used to be cool to smoke cigarettes, until people started dying because of chemicals in their lungs that got into their bodies and made them sick. Really sick.
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Warning: You may be growing an illegal substance in your home

bacterial compost discovery

This study, which examined vacuums and the filth they harbour, found that the debris inside vacuums contain harmful bacteria, sprouting from dust and mold buildup inside the containers and pathways inside a vacuum.

Running around the home with a microorganism incubator on wheels is a hazardous thing to do.

Researchers sampled air emissions from 21 different vacuums ranging in quality and age while the vacuums were running. Dust samples were also collected from the dust canister or dust bag.

The study found resistant genes for five common antibiotics in the samples bacteria taken from the vacuums. This is of particular concern as the dust found indoors could also be a carrier for the infant botulism infection that may have severe or fatal consequences, including sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). These results are supported by a previous study that suggested that bacteria which is bred by human skin and hair, when suspended in the air and inhaled, causes health problems.

Did I mention, the rainbow traps everything in water, where you can just toss the toxins outside!

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Microbial content of vacuum and emitted bioaearosols

implications of human exposure

Vacuums collect, grow and disperse efficiently indoors: bacteria, mold spores, gas formers, tetrads, hemolytic bacteria and non-hemolytic bacteria... just to name a few of the toxins redistributed by a vacuum.

Microbial Diversion
Antibiotic resistance genes / bacteria / molds
Vacuums increase exposure to toxic air in our homes. Wasn't the home supposed to be a safe haven?

Vacuums are a credible source for exposure to biological and nonbiological aerosols



Unfortunately, being credible isn't always a good thing... the tobacco industry was credible for many years, as well. Very similar in that they are a cause for exposure to toxic carsinogens, smoke, chemicals, gasses and pollutants that will make you sickly by default.

Studies have shown that many of these toxins can be found in our homes even though no-one smokes in our home. These toxic pollutants travel through the air and end up getting trapped inside our homes, including residue from volcanic acivity from thousands of miles away. (you can google it!)

Dust is a sponge for bacteria and odors. Once dust becomes airborne, it can travel throughout our homes for hours, before settling down. The sad thing is that we can get used to the odors in our own homes from constant exposure to the dust in our family's air. This exposure to toxic dust causes other problems as well... when we breathe in, the finer particles get caught-up into the air-stream... bypassing our body's filtration system, including the lymphnodes at the back of our throats... and ends up going directly into our lungs. Once there, it gets into our bloodstream, wreaking havoc on our immune systems.

The Rainbow traps all toxins and won't redistribute pollutants back into your home!

With a Rainbow, you can stop the vicious cycle of toxic dust circulation in our homes, but it can only be accomplished by controlling the source. Prescription drugs mask the symptoms of toxic dust exposure, commonly referred to as allergies, asthma and COPD. By using the Rainbow in our homes, we can experience the freedom of fresh, clean air, which is inherantly designed to be non-taxing on our body's immune system.

Our hope is that you'll embrace the fresh, clean smell of the Rainbow in your home, today!

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Protect Loved Ones

Vacuum Exhaust is toxic. Breathing toxic debris into our lungs is an occupational hazard that a domestic engineer just deals with, regardless of gender. But the ones who get hit the hardest are our children and our pets.

Once we do the research, it easily becomes clear that the idea of taking the air that our family breathes and forcing it through the breeding filth inside a vacuum's warm, dark, damp chambers and back out into the air that we all breathe… is
NOT "an intelligent way of acting."

If our goal is to have a happy, healthy home, it would be wise for us to reconsider whether or not we
ever want to use a vacuum in our home again!

Children and Vacuum Exhaust

Children are the closest to vacuum's exhaust. They play and breathe-in all kinds of dust. That dust is toxic.

Second Hand Smoke

Exposure to secondhand smoke and effects:
5 minutes — stiffens the aorta as much as smoking a cigarette.
20-30 minutes — causes excess blood clotting, as well as increases the buildup of fat deposits in blood vessels, increasing the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Third Hand Smoke

Harmful chemicals in cigarette smoke seep into hair, skin and clothing. Thirdhand smoke (THS) is a term used to describe the residual contamination from tobacco smoke that lingers in rooms long after smoking stops and remains on our clothes after we leave a smoky place. The offensive smell is indicative of the presence of tobacco toxins.

Thirdhand smoke consists of the tobacco residue from cigarettes, cigars, and other tobacco products that is left behind after smoking and builds up on surfaces and furnishings. Tobacco smoke is composed of numerous types of gasses and particulate matter, including carcinogens and heavy metals, like arsenic, lead, and cyanide. Sticky, highly toxic particulates like nicotine, can cling to walls and ceilings. Gases are absorbed into dust in a room, carpets, draperies and other fabrics or upholsteries. A 2002 study found that these toxic brews can then re-emit back into the air and recombine to form harmful compounds that remain at dangerous levels long after smoking has stopped occurring.

Bottom Line

A child playing on the floor of an average American home, breathing in the air around them, has been compared to the effects of exposure to 3 smoked cigarettes. By using a Rainbow in your home, you can reverse the effects of household dust on your family, improving health, reducing health costs* and improving life. As the meme above suggests, "End the Cycle of Abuse NOW~!"

*Regular use of the Rainbow in your home, using our source-control protocol, removes the pollutants that cause the symptoms of allergies and asthma. This effectively reduces the cost of medications used to control the symptoms associated with prolonged exposure to the pollutants in your home. When you remove the pollutants (source of the problem), you remove the effects of exposure to the harmful pollutants that cause the symptoms; remove cause and cut the cost of treating the symptoms of the cause. Yes, it is that simple, because 90% of the dust in your home is NOT in your air. The Rainbow has the tools to remove those triggers from your home and trap them in a Certified Air Cleaner. Our program saves lives! The majority of our customers have reported complete separation from the dependency to medications to control their respiratory symptoms. They were able to get back on their feet, medication free and symptom free, from regular use of the Rainbow in their homes.
^ disclaimer: the Rainbow DOES remove the source of the problem that causes the symptoms of allergies and asthma. However, we do NOT believe it is ethical and nor do we engage in the practice of sending doctors kickbacks, nor send them on extravagant vacations, for referring YOU to us, like Big Pharma does. We do, however allow customers to earn commissions on sales, for helping others discover the solution to the problem of indoor air pollution! And the Rainbow is the solution!
Nobody should have to take steroids to make it easier to breathe in the pollutants, that caused the need for the steroids in the first place.
Rainbow Owner