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Vacuums are dusty and dirty.

"Ok, that's true…

All vacuums spew toxic dust & microscopic bacteria.


Spewing this toxic debris into your breathing environment.


Vacuums clog-up.

"Knew that one!"

Vacuums clog-up, then immediately quit picking up.

"Peaking my interest."

Grinding & beating stuff into carpeting and furniture.

"I never thought!"

We were really hoping you weren't "ok" with that.

"I'm NOT!"

Vacuum + Cleaner = Oxymoron.

"They've lied to us!"

Did I mention planned obsolescence?

"No. You didn't."

Big-Store chains study consumers.

"I watch documentaries."

They study your buying habits.

"Yep. Keep going."

You'll buy another vacuum in 2 years.

"I do!"

Sellers of cheap wares LOVE you.

"I keep going back…"

Vacuum are made with cheap plastic.

"That's why they break!"

Cheap stuff isn't good.

"Good stuff isn't cheap!"

Comsumers consume.

"That's NOT good."

Landfills are filling up.

"That's BAD!"

Rainbows solve problems.

"How refreshing!"

You're already paying for a Rainbow.

"It's making sense."

The Rainbow replaces the vacuum.

"Now, I get it."

You can stop this vicious cycle!

"Yes, I'm catching on."

Toxic air causes sickness.


Remove the toxic air. Remove the sickness.

"No more meds?"

Reduced, yes.


Does your child enjoy using inhalers?


Inhalers have steroids in them.


Steroids raise your heart rate.


Steroids stunt your child's growth.

"BB-But our doctor said?!"

He has a mortgage.


Yeah… let's get back to the Solution.


Rainbow removes pollutants that cause symptoms of Asthma.


Remove the pollutants; remove the symptoms.

"You're using math?"

I was hoping it would make sense.

"Supporting Big Pharma is bad math."

You ARE catching on.

"Yep. I'm calling Rainbow!"

Please, tell your friends.

"Ok! Thank you for caring."

That's all we do. 24/7

"Well, thank Heaven."

Go over this again?

"Sure, why not?!"

Exposure to Toxic Vacuum Dust in Your Air

Have you watched any documentaries lately on the dust in our homes?

Be Informed

How is this possible?

Dust contains toxic debris. "How is this possible?", one might ask. Well, dust is absorbent and consists of the sum total of all the chemicals, aerosols, mold spores, bacteria, germs, dust mites, their feces and their decomposed and discentigrated bodies… that become a huge part of what we breathe into our lungs on a daily basis. Another component in our air is vacuum exhaust, which is also toxic. Question: do you think vacuum exhaust is more toxic than the ambient air around us, in our homes? Yes! Breathing toxic debris into our lungs is an occupational hazard that a domestic engineer just deals with, regardless of gender. But the ones who get hit the hardest are our children and our pets. Once we do the research, it easily becomes clear that the idea of taking the air that our family breathes and pulling it into the nozzle of a vacuum, through the breeding filth inside a vacuum's warm, dark, damp chambers and back out into the air that we all breathe… is NOT how we'd want to act, if given the choice.

Be Smarter

Dads Are Smart!

Remember sitting around the tv or reading a good book, with your dad in his lazy chair, reading the newspaper? Then your mom would show up with her trusty vacuum and turn it on… and immediately your dad would decide it's time to go check on the (something in the garage?) and leave the room being vacuumed? Do you think it was because of the noise? Probably. But more likely he was not wanting to breathe vacuum dust. Dad knew something that everybody else didn't necessarily think about in the moment. Inately, he knew vacuum exhaust just wasn't something he wanted to breathe! Guys can be self-protective that way, sometimes… without thinking of the obvious fact that the rest of his family doesn't need to breathe that toxic stuff either. You see, that is the problem with knowledge. It makes us responsible for absorbed intelligence. That's where the knowledge about the benefits of the Rainbow comes into focus; it's safe, it's clean, it's smart! If our goal is to have a happy, healthy home, it would be wise for us to reconsider whether or not we ever want to use a vacuum in our homes, ever again!

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Warning: You may be growing an illegal substance in your home

bacterial compost discovery

This study, which examined vacuums and the filth they harbour, found that the debris inside vacuums contain harmful bacteria, sprouting from dust and mold buildup inside the containers and pathways inside a vacuum.

Running around the home with a microorganism incubator on wheels is a hazardous thing to do.

Researchers sampled air emissions from 21 different vacuums ranging in quality and age while the vacuums were running. Dust samples were also collected from the dust canister or dust bag.

The study found resistant genes for five common antibiotics in the samples bacteria taken from the vacuums. This is of particular concern as the dust found indoors could also be a carrier for the infant botulism infection that may have severe or fatal consequences, including sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). These results are supported by a previous study that suggested that bacteria which is bred by human skin and hair, when suspended in the air and inhaled, causes health problems.

Did I mention, the rainbow traps everything in water, where you can just toss the toxins outside!

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Microbial content of vacuum and emitted bioaearosols

implications of human exposure

Vacuums collect, grow and disperse efficiently indoors: bacteria, mold spores, gas formers, tetrads, hemolytic bacteria and non-hemolytic bacteria... just to name a few of the toxins redistributed by a vacuum.

Microbial Diversion
Antibiotic resistance genes / bacteria / molds
Vacuums increase exposure to toxic air in our homes. Wasn't the home supposed to be a safe haven?