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What is covered under the rainbow warranty?

Rexair provides to its independent Authorized Rainbow Distributors, a written four (4) year warranty on the Rainbow Cleaning System and attached accessories and an eight (8) year warranty on the Rainbow motor/electronic controller. These warranties do not cover normal wear and tear arising from the usage of products, such as belts, HEPA Neutralizer, etc. The local Authorized Rainbow Distributor offers an extended service labor warranty through its Factory Authorized Service Center.

Why do you have to tell Rexair? Can’t you just work on it?

Before we will open it up and work on it, we check the validity of the purchase. Once we discover that you are NOT the original owner, we will NOT work on it, for our own safety! And if it’s stolen, we’ll recover it for the original owner and contact local law enforcement, as I’m sure you’d want someone to do for you! There’s always a level of risk because not everyone takes care of their Rainbow and some bring it in after accidental treatment sometimes, but if we discover you aren’t the original owner, well, that’s just too much risk!

Can I safely purchase a rainbow online?

No. Most people who invest in a Rainbow are conscious of indoor air quality and want a safer breathing environment. How do you know what chemicals they used to clean the inside of the Rainbow you purchased? What if they didn’t clean it at all? What if it was the trade-in from someone who was a hoarder or a sick person that didn’t take care of it and always left it on the water, making it toxic to run in your home? What if it was stolen? What if it was used at a crime scene? Seriously, what if it was used in a crack house?

I purchased it online; Can I get warranty coverage from the local factory-authorized service center?

Rainbow products purchased through unauthorized channels, including the internet and local vac shops, are not covered by an authorized factory warranty. As we do empathize with consumers who choose to buy online, Rexair stands with us by not allowing us to work on unauthorized Rainbows that were not purchased through an Authorized Rainbow Distributor in your home, which is the only way you can legitimately and with integrity, be given an authorized warranty, registered at the time of your legit purchase.

Do authorized rainbow distributors sell the rainbow air cleaner/home cleaning system on the internet?

No. Emphatically and unequivocally, “No”. Authorized Rainbow Distributors ONLY sell the Rainbow Air Cleaner Home Cleaning System exclusively through in-home demonstrations. Rexair, the manufacturer of the Rainbow, has a “No Tolerance Policy”, where any distributor found selling online will pay a hefty penalty above retail, their distributor agreement is canceled, and they are then forced to sell all inventory back to Rexair under threat of a huge lawsuit. This protects you, the consumer, from fraud. It also protects your local rep from online degenerates destroying the integrity of the product, its sales process, and proper installation procedures designed to protect you as the trusting consumer. Therefore, any online merchant that claims to have authority or authorization from Rexair to sell anything to you online, is lying and trying to deceive you. Most people know that it’s not good common sense to do dealings with an unethical seller. Is that the type of person or company that you want to do business with? We certainly hope not. Support your local, ethical Rainbow Distributor that has contributed to the workforce and has taken the time to professionally train the person who introduced you to the Rainbow in the first place. “Support your local rep.”

When and how will i receive my gifts?

When you feel you have earned a gift offered by our company, simply submit a Gift Request Form on RainbowStore.club. Once the verification department has confirmed the completion of your qualified demos, you will receive an email informing you of the status of your gifts. Once an approval email has been received you may pick up your gifts at our office in Orem, UT. Other locations are Coming Soon! You may also request that your earned items be shipped to you provide a credit card for the small delivery charge (handling is free).

How long is a rainbow presentation?

It depends on your friends. As a general rule, a Rainbow show takes about 1.5 hours to show you everything the Rainbow can do. Planning on nights where your friends and family are in for the evening, is best, so they are not rushing out of the demo for another planned engagement. Sometimes, it can last longer if the customer has questions or decides to keep the Rainbow for a healthier lifestyle. Our best recommendation is to plan for 2.5 – 3 hrs just to be safe. We’ve discovered that friends love to talk; it becomes an enjoyable visit!

Why does your office choose to advertise in this manner?

Basically, you are our walking bulletin board. All of our advertising budgets are spent on word-of-mouth advertising. This year alone over $130,000 in accessories have been distributed (June 2019) to customers like yourself simply for sharing the good news about the Rainbow and having your friends give their opinion about our product. We feel that people usually believe friends or relatives rather than a stranger paid to say something on an infomercial. Plus, seeing it in your home, is truly believing! We allot a rather large budget for free gifts to our customers and their friends, simply to enjoy the show and tell more friends! It is much like a movie review with the added incentive of using the Rainbow in one room, for free! So, help us advertise and earn everything possible for FREE!

In what locations can we complete a demo?

Marketing territory is 60 minutes or 45 miles from our office* (whichever is less). Check for ineligible areas. The Territory Map is just a click away (above). Just remember, that’s our “expansion” map… meaning you can open your own store if you decide to and meet the qualifications. If the demo you wish to give us, under whatever program you’re on, needs to be “ok’d” by the marketing department, at least 24 hours before the demo takes place. If it’s less than 24 hours, set it tentatively and get ahold of us asap! If you set an appointment after 10 pm, for example, and it’s for 9 am, then you need to make it tentative because it’s less likely we’ll be able to cover it for you. Help us help you and everybody is happy! Sharing with your friends is simply charity!*exception: Ogden/Logan way!

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