Mindi Bartlett

I have severe allergies, especially to mold and dust. I was so impressed with the professionalism and honesty of the Sales Rep when she came to demo the air purifier that we decided to purchase one. We turned it on the low setting and ran it through the night. It was the first morning in months I didn’t wake up sneezing and coughing. When I walked into the kitchen that morning the sun was shining through the window and the first thing I noticed was there were no dust particles in the air. We keep the house very clean but I could always see dust in the air every morning through the sunlight. That morning and every morning since our purchases we haven’t seen any dust in the air. No more sneezing or coughing. We are very glad we made the decision to make this purchase. I recommend you see it for yourself. Schedule a demo and see the magic! I love my Rainbow!

Annie Brooks

10 STARS! SHOCKED! I just bought my Rainbow on Friday and I am already disgustingly shocked. I am a very clean person, or at least I thought I was. After the in-home demonstration and using my own vacuum then watching what else the Rainbow pulled up I had to buy it! I stayed up that night until after midnight cleaning my house because I wanted the germs, dust, and dirt GONE! Using it as an air purifier has already made a huge difference for my daughter who has asthma. I would definitely recommend the Rainbow to EVERYONE!

Chelsea & Connor

We are in love with our Rainbow! We both grew up having one in our home and using it regularly. However, it is such a different experience having one of our own. Both of us as well as our kids suffer from severe allergies and always feel no matter how much we clean and vacuum our air in our house wasn’t clean enough to help with those. We have noticed a huge difference in the air quality as well as overall cleanliness in our home after using the rainbow for just a couple of days! We love how it is they do it all tool and clean every different floor with ease!

Dawn Jackman

We love that our Rainbow cleans the air because I have allergies and asthma. I am really feeling a difference!! I can’t believe what I am getting out of our carpets and couches 🤮 Thank you, Rainbow!

Kayci Christensen

I LOVE my rainbow so much!!! I love how it just makes everything in my home feel and look so clean! My house always smells fresh, clean, and amazing since investing in my rainbow and with children that suffer from asthma and other breathing issues, being able to create a safe environment for them is of the utmost importance for me!! I love all of the attachments that come with the rainbow that really allow me to clean my house top to bottom! I am hooked for life!!! Every home needs a rainbow!!

Carol Stallings

“We purchased our rainbow a couple of months ago and I am so happy we did! I cannot believe how much cleaner my entire house feels. I live by huge open fields so there is so much dust because of the machinery that is constantly going by my house. My allergies were always horrible and I couldn’t keep the dust cleaned up.

Since we purchased our rainbow my allergies do not keep me up all night and I can actually keep my house clean!! I have the air purifier running all the time and I can breathe! My house no longer smells like dirt!!!

I’m very pleased with this investment not only for really clean carpets but for clean air for my family!”

Britni Ellet

I LOVE our Rainbow! My allergies, this year especially have been off the charts! I already notice a huge difference in the quality of air! The scents make it smell clean and fresh! The carpet… Let’s say I was AMAZED at what our vacuum has left behind, living in a condo I feel a lot better letting my daughter crawl and play on the floor now that we have this amazing system! So happy with it!!

Cheryl Hall

I have avoided these for years, and the more people gush the more I gag, HOWEVER. I did the in-home demo with Christy Jackman, and I fell in love! Oh my gosh! I have adored my Riccar for my whole adult life and felt confident it would hold its own against the rainbow……Not even close! Christy’s presentation was zero pressure, show me the results and let me decide for myself. It’s been 2 weeks now and it’s astonishing the difference in my carpet. It looks nearly new, and it’s 14 years old! The rainbow removes even oils from the fibers to the point that I can see the dark spots in contrast that actually will need a shampooer….which I got free as part of the weekly deal! I’m a believer!

Brady Daniels

I never realized how gross my carpet could be. Rainbow has got my carpet looking smelling and feeling much better after just one use. I’m glad I found the rainbow to help with the allergens and particles that cause my bronchitis. Rainbow is a great product

Becky Staples

“I have had a great experience with my rainbow. I LOVE all the different things the Rainbow can be used for. I cleaned my dryer vent and it was unbelievably quick and easy! I have dusted and “swept” with it and love it. We have had fewer allergies when we are in our house. I teach online and when I am teaching I usually sneeze a lot but after running the rainbow for a while in my office I don’t sneeze near as much. Yay! It was a bit pricey but we have enjoyed it so far so we are hoping the price pays off.”