Beverly Hafen

I can’t believe how amazing this is… I’m going to be cleaning every day I’m home 🏡 till I have conquered a civilized clean in my home! Goodbye dog hair and dust mites!!!

Stephanie Jorgensen

I can’t believe how dirty the water was after vacuuming! Even using my vacuum before using the rainbow, it still picked up soo much! The rainbow is amazing to have, especially with 2 dogs and a newborn!

Kristen Zabriskie

I have loved our rainbow so far! I finally feel like our air is clean. We used the vacuum feature to clean out our van and it got EVERYTHING out of the carpet. That’s dog hair, fast food, and anything else the kids have left. I’m very happy with the decision to get our Rainbow!

Sharon Anthony

With two dogs, my home is smelling fresh thanks to my new rainbow!! So easy to use and so amazing to see what my old vacuum left behind.

JM Schmidt

We bought our rainbow 3 days ago and we already are loving it. It picks up so much that our other “good” vacuum missed. Also, we have a 12 yr old black lab who is usually always loudly / heavily breathing we brought her in with it running in the evening and through the night and she slept so soundly and was breathing normally. The kids asked where she was cause they couldn’t hear her loud breathing. I feel better about my baby crawling on the floor knowing how much cleaner it is.

Giani Taylor & McKenzie Holden

“We just got our Rainbow and we’re excited to see it change our home. Our vacuum wasn’t even able to get our dog’s fur! This will be such a difference!”

Amy Crawley

“What a difference, day one of using my new rainbow and I already feel the difference in my carpets and the quality of the air in my home. I even went a step further and cleaned out a closet that I was really dreading because it was very dusty. When the job was done I had no need to take that Benadryl I would have had to take. I live in a home with 3 cats that I am allergic to but love. This Rainbow will make it possible for me to breathe better with them.”

Lisa Jordan

“As an owner with FOUR DOGS, we have a LOT of allergens in my house. I was so excited to get the rainbow and start source control on my house! I “vacuumed” and rainbow-Ed every room in my whole house and filled a gallon jug with dirt, dust, and trash! (I was curious just how much dirt I was missing with my usual cleaning routine) All of which went into the trash instead of back into the air! I feel like my cleaning is finally starting to stick and be worth my time! LOVE. THIS. MACHINE. It is no doubt worth EVERY penny!!”

Peter Case II

“We’ve got 3 kids and 3 dogs, 2 days into having our rainbow my woman can smell things again, all the sniffles in the house are getting better! We have found our last vacuum! 😍”

Julia Christensen

“I absolutely love my Rainbow!! We have allergies, asthma, and a dog in our house. I work from home also! This air cleaner has changed our lives!! When people come over they can’t tell we have a large inside dog. I actually feel like my house is clean and we have been able to breathe easily and sleep much better since purchasing the rainbow! It is still crazy to me how great it cleans, my floors and air have never been cleaner!! Worth every penny!! Definitely would recommend it!!”