Tawnya McGrath

I wanted to wait a week or so before submitting my testimony so that I could be sure that I absolutely loved the product as much as I thought I did after the demonstration. First of all, I was VERY IMPRESSED with the salesman, Brock, that came and did our demonstration. He was extremely professional and the demo was just as pressure-free as he said it would be. At no point during the demo did I feel PRESSURED to buy the product. I was completely impressed with the product and it definitely sold itself. The real test was after the purchase was made. I used to have to dust weekly in order to prevent my bookshelves and tv stand from looking like they had been abandoned for months. I know that we need to get our air ducts cleaned something fierce, but after only 1 week of using the Rainbow, I can already tell a noticeable difference in the dust accumulation in our home. The amount of dirt and other grime this thing pulls out of my carpet is IMPRESSIVE…and a little disgusting! My kids or I made sure that our living room got vacuumed at least twice a week with chores, and the fact that we have been doing that and there’s still THIS MUCH STUFF coming out of the carpets is a testament to me as to the power of this machine. I run it on the power clean setting for about 15 minutes before going to bed and I have noticed a difference in my sleep, along with my husband’s snoring no longer being a big issue. I have found several places around my house that the Rainbow has made cleaning much easier and it has saved me a lot of time in just the first week! Definitely satisfied with my decision to purchase a Rainbow!

Janet Egbert

This fall, the city where we live came under threat of a forest fire. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the day we received the mandatory evacuation notice and the unfamiliar task I was now charged with: deciding what prized possessions I would choose to save from our home of 30 years. The day took on an apocalyptic feel as the sun disappeared behind a wall of smoke and ash and the air filled with the eerie shriek of the evacuation sirens echoing off the mountains. My son quickly brought the last load out and urged me to get in the car — but I had already gone back inside. I saw my Rainbow sitting in the corner and I told him to grab it. He quickly shot back “Of all the things to take you to want your vacuum cleaner!” Before thinking I responded, “It’s not a vacuum cleaner, it’s a Rainbow!” As we closed the house door I ordered him to put it in the car… then remembered we should probably load our family pictures too. We soon found ourselves living in our daughter’s driveway set up in a trailer. The first night was long and my lungs burned by morning from all the smoke and ash. I quickly resolved that we must move our vagabond house to a city further away. Then it dawned on me — my Rainbow! We plugged it in and as soon as we turned it on the smoke vanished from the air. Within 10 minutes the burning stench was all but gone. It became a saving grace every day and night as we returned from the smoke-filled valley air. The air inside smells great now because of the Rainbow! Honestly, it was one of the most disgusting things changing the water in the Rainbow for the first time in the trailer — to see how much junk it had taken from the air and saved us from inhaling! Now, as I replace the water I feel like I need to reassure the Rainbow that it truly deserved its place in our car between our family photos and computer — it has saved our lungs! When we were allowed to return to our home for 10 minutes I went straight for the Rainbow scents… my husband had to remind me to not choose the Rainbow over the passports this time. What a difference the Rainbow has made — I can sleep at night, I can breathe and my clothes don’t constantly smell of smoke. It’s strange to sit in my trailer looking across the way at the burning mountain with smoke and ash filling the air and not smell any of it. It makes me feel spoiled. I would have never imagined needing the Rainbow in a situation like this but it has made it that much more comfortable! I am a happy Rainbow owner — and I still have 28 more years left on the warranty!