Cinda M Allen

I grew up with a Rainbow in my home and always wanted one for my children. We found one second-hand but after using the new one, with the warranty has given me the peace of mind I have always wanted with my Rainbow. Thank-you

Amy Eldredge

I already owned a rainbow vacuum and have had it for over 20 years. I had a demo to help my daughter and decided to upgrade! I am super excited to have another amazing rainbow vacuum!

Annie Brooks

10 STARS! SHOCKED! I just bought my Rainbow on Friday and I am already disgustingly shocked. I am a very clean person, or at least I thought I was. After the in-home demonstration and using my own vacuum then watching what else the Rainbow pulled up I had to buy it! I stayed up that night until after midnight cleaning my house because I wanted the germs, dust, and dirt GONE! Using it as an air purifier has already made a huge difference for my daughter who has asthma. I would definitely recommend the Rainbow to EVERYONE!

Chelsea & Connor

We are in love with our Rainbow! We both grew up having one in our home and using it regularly. However, it is such a different experience having one of our own. Both of us as well as our kids suffer from severe allergies and always feel no matter how much we clean and vacuum our air in our house wasn’t clean enough to help with those. We have noticed a huge difference in the air quality as well as overall cleanliness in our home after using the rainbow for just a couple of days! We love how it is they do it all tool and clean every different floor with ease!

Kayci Christensen

I LOVE my rainbow so much!!! I love how it just makes everything in my home feel and look so clean! My house always smells fresh, clean, and amazing since investing in my rainbow and with children that suffer from asthma and other breathing issues, being able to create a safe environment for them is of the utmost importance for me!! I love all of the attachments that come with the rainbow that really allow me to clean my house top to bottom! I am hooked for life!!! Every home needs a rainbow!!

Stephanie Jorgensen

I can’t believe how dirty the water was after vacuuming! Even using my vacuum before using the rainbow, it still picked up soo much! The rainbow is amazing to have, especially with 2 dogs and a newborn!

Britni Ellet

I LOVE our Rainbow! My allergies, this year especially have been off the charts! I already notice a huge difference in the quality of air! The scents make it smell clean and fresh! The carpet… Let’s say I was AMAZED at what our vacuum has left behind, living in a condo I feel a lot better letting my daughter crawl and play on the floor now that we have this amazing system! So happy with it!!

Benjamin Jackman

I love it! I was shocked to see how much crud we had in our house. The kids have loved cleaning with it and cleaning the air, they feel like they are actually getting to the source of the problem and not just band-aiding it.

Tawnya McGrath

I wanted to wait a week or so before submitting my testimony so that I could be sure that I absolutely loved the product as much as I thought I did after the demonstration. First of all, I was VERY IMPRESSED with the salesman, Brock, that came and did our demonstration. He was extremely professional and the demo was just as pressure-free as he said it would be. At no point during the demo did I feel PRESSURED to buy the product. I was completely impressed with the product and it definitely sold itself. The real test was after the purchase was made. I used to have to dust weekly in order to prevent my bookshelves and tv stand from looking like they had been abandoned for months. I know that we need to get our air ducts cleaned something fierce, but after only 1 week of using the Rainbow, I can already tell a noticeable difference in the dust accumulation in our home. The amount of dirt and other grime this thing pulls out of my carpet is IMPRESSIVE…and a little disgusting! My kids or I made sure that our living room got vacuumed at least twice a week with chores, and the fact that we have been doing that and there’s still THIS MUCH STUFF coming out of the carpets is a testament to me as to the power of this machine. I run it on the power clean setting for about 15 minutes before going to bed and I have noticed a difference in my sleep, along with my husband’s snoring no longer being a big issue. I have found several places around my house that the Rainbow has made cleaning much easier and it has saved me a lot of time in just the first week! Definitely satisfied with my decision to purchase a Rainbow!

Ngaire White

This is the first time I’ve purchased a rainbow-certified air cleaner. We love how clean the air is in my house. My girls sleep better at nighttime.