Annie Brooks

10 STARS! SHOCKED! I just bought my Rainbow on Friday and I am already disgustingly shocked. I am a very clean person, or at least I thought I was. After the in-home demonstration and using my own vacuum then watching what else the Rainbow pulled up I had to buy it! I stayed up that night until after midnight cleaning my house because I wanted the germs, dust, and dirt GONE! Using it as an air purifier has already made a huge difference for my daughter who has asthma. I would definitely recommend the Rainbow to EVERYONE!

Chelsea & Connor

We are in love with our Rainbow! We both grew up having one in our home and using it regularly. However, it is such a different experience having one of our own. Both of us as well as our kids suffer from severe allergies and always feel no matter how much we clean and vacuum our air in our house wasn’t clean enough to help with those. We have noticed a huge difference in the air quality as well as overall cleanliness in our home after using the rainbow for just a couple of days! We love how it is they do it all tool and clean every different floor with ease!

Dawn Jackman

We love that our Rainbow cleans the air because I have allergies and asthma. I am really feeling a difference!! I can’t believe what I am getting out of our carpets and couches 🤮 Thank you, Rainbow!

Kayci Christensen

I LOVE my rainbow so much!!! I love how it just makes everything in my home feel and look so clean! My house always smells fresh, clean, and amazing since investing in my rainbow and with children that suffer from asthma and other breathing issues, being able to create a safe environment for them is of the utmost importance for me!! I love all of the attachments that come with the rainbow that really allow me to clean my house top to bottom! I am hooked for life!!! Every home needs a rainbow!!

Brady Daniels

I never realized how gross my carpet could be. Rainbow has got my carpet looking smelling and feeling much better after just one use. I’m glad I found the rainbow to help with the allergens and particles that cause my bronchitis. Rainbow is a great product

JM Schmidt

We bought our rainbow 3 days ago and we already are loving it. It picks up so much that our other “good” vacuum missed. Also, we have a 12 yr old black lab who is usually always loudly / heavily breathing we brought her in with it running in the evening and through the night and she slept so soundly and was breathing normally. The kids asked where she was cause they couldn’t hear her loud breathing. I feel better about my baby crawling on the floor knowing how much cleaner it is.

Michelle Farnsworth

“We had never heard of the Rainbow until I saw the demo in my home. I was seriously AMAZED by the amount of sand and dirt it was able to extract from my carpets! I love all of the easy-to-use accessories the Rainbow comes with. It got all of my blinds so clean they look brand new! Also, our allergies and asthma are noticeably better! We are excited to experience all of the future benefits Rainbow offers!”

Lori Montague

“We have only owned the Rainbow for few days and I can say I LOVE this machine!!!! I never knew how GROSS my home actually was. My husband has SEVERE allergies and he said these last few days he is actually able to breathe in our home again. And my house now smells fresh!! No Joke. My family thinks I am nuts because I have to show them the container each time I vacuum (Rainbow)! You won’t regret this purchase if you love a clean home.”

Gwen Palmer

I love my Rainbow vacuum, I owned one of them about 32 years ago, they have changed a lot, and are even better, I love how well they clean, and clean the air for better breathing and asthma problems. They are the best ever.

Kristi Erickson

We purchased a Rainbow last month. Our allergies and asthma issues have decreased tremendously. We have it running all day every day and can tell a huge difference if it gets shut off. It has been a very good investment.